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The Gold Standard

9 Diamond Memory Mesh

This is a personal choice. Right now, for me, no other mesh on the market that can do what 9DMM can do. For the pocket shapes I am looking to create, this mesh does it all. High, Mid, Low, Face-Off pockets, 9DMM handles all of them on an elite level. Thank you The Mesh Dynasty for taking things to a whole new level. 

elite level performance


TMD Divine 9

I am absolutely loving an yand all 9 diamond mesh types right now. My preference is for 9DMM but this is still awesome, especially considering that 9DMM only comes in white and there is so much color in D9. It is difficult to describe . . . I just love the pocket shapes I can get with 9 diamond mesh. I'll work on a better way to say that!


East Coast Dyes - hero 3

I never loved Hero 1 or 2. I always thought they were a generation behind all other types of mesh on the market at the time. Thankfully 
Hero 3 has closed any gap in my mind and has even separated itself in some ways. More and more often Hero 3 is the first type of mesh to come to mind when thinking about how to create the best pocket shapes for individual players! 


stringking - type 4

A modern classic. I never through SK could improve upon Type three, but they blew it out of the water. Type 4 is starting to show its age compared to its counterparts, but it can hold up to any mesh on this list. 


Throne - Fiber 3

With Fiber 1 & 2, much like Type 1/2/3 and Hero 1/2, there was only so much you can do with it. Absolutely very capable, and the Throne Army loved them! Maybe I just didn't use it enough. Well I have been able to use Fiber 3 a few times and I am happy to say that it is SO much more versatile. It stretches out so much more than its other versions of Fiber. 

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