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This was a special masterclass presented specifically for members of Massachusetts Youth Lacrosse as well as the Sidewalljedi community as a whole. We covered the following items:

  1. Pocket placement

  2. Styles of stringing

  3. What is a skill and what isn’t

  4. Tape, nail polish, and elbow grease

  5. If a pocket ‘bags out’, it wasn’t strung and broken in properly to begin with

  6. 90% of all pocket adjustment come down to 2 things

  7. Pockets > Plastic

  8. Keep it TIGHT

  9. Language matters

  10. The difference between breaking in a pocket and getting used to a pocket

In addition to these items, I also answered as many of the questions that came from the google form that attendees used to sign up! It was a jam packed 2 hours. I didnt intend to go that long, but I made the decision to cover all the questions I could!

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