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Understand your options

Lets just get this out of the way here. You get to choose a few options about what kind of pocket you want, but the number one priority for me is to give you a stick that THROWS, not to give you something that makes you shoot harder (it's mostly about you, not the head) or you can toe drag with. 

You are going to get a pocket that is designed for consistency, accuracy, legality, and above all, ease of use.

Pocket placement

This is all about where you want the ball to sit and throw from while you are playing. Higher, middle, or lower pocket placement is relative to what head you're using.




Shooting String Setup is about selecting how you want your shooting strings arranged in the top of your head, and what they are made of. In this case colored string or "Nylon" and hockey lace or "shooters". 1, 2, or 3 "Straight" means only that number of hockey laces.


Your chosen arrangement is placed and arranged to be legal by NCAA standards. Remember these shooting string arrangements are designed to implement how you can "feel" the ball coming out of the stick, not augment how the stick throws, that's about pocket placement.

Sidewall/Topstring Color is exactly what it sounds like. You get to choose what color string you want for your sidewalls and topstring!

String STYLE is all about how your sidewalls strung! "Regular" meaning the way most traditionally seen. #DoubleInside is a style I developed and popularized while working on the STX Surgeon 700 Prototype in 2016. This is a technique that utilizes stringing to the inside of the head rather to the outside, the standard way, allowing for narrower pockets and greater hold while still being easy to throw with . . . but only if you can do it right! This is an advanced technique aimed at more experienced players.

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