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  • Stringing / Restringing

    • Individual send heads to be strung / restrung

    • I have extensive experience will all of the major equipment manufacturers in the industry 

  • New head sales

    • Individuals can purchase brand new fully strung heads


Team Solutions
  • Director education

    • Meet with club directors to discuss best options/strategies to improve performance for their club

  • Coaches education

    • Meet with coaching staff to discuss how to improve their teams performance

    • Discuss strategies coaching staff can utilize long term to achieve optimal performance 

  • Team education 

    • Meet with team to educate, identify conflicts with peak performance, and discuss strategies to navigate potential problems

  • Team stringing

    • Provide players with fully strung heads to test to find what head/pocket setup would best suit their position and play style

    • Meet with players individually to asses their mechanics and preferences as they try out the test heads/pockets


  • Stringing / Restringing

    •  Base cost for stringing is $25 for field sticks & $35 for goalie heads

    • For individuals or teams who need/want to purchase mesh as well, that is available for the retail cost of mesh, please shoot me an email for team rates

  • New head sales

    • Individuals interested in purchasing brand new fully strung heads, please send an email about stock and heads available

    • Cost to individuals for fully strung sticks will be drastically less than you can find in in stores, typically starting at $125 strung and shipped

    • Teams looking to purchase heads to be string for the team, please send me an email to discuss team pricing.

  • Meeting with Coaches / Players

    • Base cost per hour to meet with players and coaches is $60 per hour with a 2 hour minimum on the first session​

    • Meeting with players and coaches can be done in person or remote

    • Travel expenses to a school/program will be covered by that program

    • Is absolutely possible to set up an entire team with custom strung sticks without having me travel to that institution, but for the best possible results I would need to meet with players and coaches in person

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